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Smart TV Apps for Improving Your Lifestyle

Smart TV Apps

Television is adapting and finally accepting web apps as the next step in television viewing.  Already, Google TV products are supporting these apps and offering complete browsing of the web.  Premium service television apps leaders like Netflix, Hulu Plus and VUDU are embracing Television Apps as the current ‘final frontier’ of media, but is this really the future?  Sure, you can use Facebook and Twitter from your TV, but you can do that with an Xbox 360 or your iPad already – what is the real next evolution for television apps?

The Next Big Home Improvement

Your distant future has arrived.  There was a time when we all considered a future of flying cars and robot assistants in the home.  While we aren’t all in flying cars yet, we do have the option to drive around in a car that runs off of hydrogen and those robots are on the way.  In the meantime, we have televisions and tablets and computers that can do so much more than what we are giving them credit for.  With TV Apps, you could run your entire home and life from your television, sync it with your Smartphone and tablet pc and have all of it done automatically with one step.

Television is already the center focus of millions of living rooms and has long been considered a member of the family in many households.  We can look forward to using our televisions to monitor our electricity consumption by controlling our lighting and heating and air.  We can also use it to monitor our security systems while we watch a movie and chat with our friends over Facebook.  If we have a phone call, then Skype can mute our movie and we can talk to our friend in Copenhagen.  We could even have the call forwarded to our tablet so not to disturb our family.

Don’t Underestimate Your Television

TV Apps are playing a bigger part in the future of television than you may even realize.  App developers are already developing their programs to be ready for use with Smart TV’s.  If you want to get an app that will monitor your blood pressure or give you daily suggestions for what to cook for dinner, all you have to do is go to an app market and make that purchase.  Just like with your Smartphone or tablet pc, it installs instantly and you will have access to the features right then and there.

The Direction of Smart TV Apps

What innovations do we have to look forward to in the future?  Right now, people have been hooking up their laptops to their televisions and running applications that way.  Internet televisions are already in some homes and people may not even be aware of that feature.  Television is becoming more useful, even more central to our lifestyles, if that were possible and TV Apps are playing a big role in how we will use our televisions for so much more than just helping us vegetate after a long day at work.